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       We breed towards the conformational standards set forth by the French Bulldog Club of America WITHOUT the extremes.This basically means that we strive for conformational correctness while avoiding the extremes that we believe are unhealthy. We breed French Bulldogs as they are meant to look, with a few exceptions. Dogs with overly wide chests, extreme short backs, long muzzles are traits to be avoided. Below are some examples of what to look for in a properly bred Frenchy. Photos are courtesy of the French Bulldog Club of America and the complete read on Judging the French Bulldog may be found HERE.

Some basic information.....

     What does this mean? Beware of the term Miniature and Micro! Breeding for extremely small versions of this breed can have serious and long term health effects.More and more people are trying to breed much smaller and smaller french Bulldogs emphasizing their dwarfism. Charging inflated prices for animals that are much smaller than they are meant to be.

 Miniature or unnaturally small French Bulldogs will generally NOT be proportionate in size, They often have short or 'non existing' necks, bowed legs, or overly short backs. The image above shows the preferred look and proper conformation.Overly large dogs are also not preferred. The standard accepted size is up to 28 pounds.

    This is one of my biggest pet peeves!! FRENCH BULLDOGS  SHOULD NOT BE BUILT AT ALL LIKE AN ENGLISH BULLDOG!!!!! Todays newest fad is breeding awful looking Frenchies with wide, set apart front legs. Many with their elbows on the outside of the body. Nothing about this is within the proper standards and this look should be avoided!! If you want to buy a French Bulldog then be sure to get a dog that actually looks the part.
   *note- nothing against English Bulldogs. We adore these guys.

    Look for a square between the front legs. Not a rectangle, either on its side or upright.

    Now this is where we deviate just a tad. We do not breed for an extremely pushed in nose. We believe that by having a slightly longer nose it helps the dogs breath and cool down a little bit better. Some European registries agree and a few are starting to discourage this extreme breeding practice.

I hope this page can help prospective Frenchy parents get a better idea of what to look for in a properly bred french Bulldog and again, for the complete article on Judging the French Bulldog, please click the link at the top of this page. Thank you.
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