Quality Critters for Pleasure & Show

                                        (Thelma happy girl. Red fawn)

            WE LOVE OUR LITTLE DOGS!!!

   They spend time in our house, under foot, and outside working the ranch. We take them walking and out and about whenever we can. They are an integral parts of our lives.

                      ( Cash App 6 months old)

     We do not breed for the color requirements and restrictions imposed by many registries but focus on conformation, health, and personality. I can't tell you how many 'show dogs' I have met that, while beautiful, were the worst animals to be around. High strung, loud, nervous, and anti social are just a few of the big issues that many breeders seem to overlook. We think it is far more important to have friendly social well behaved dogs in our lives that we actually enjoy being around. :-)

                   (Monet-fluffy blue merle pied)
       We take our breeding practices very seriously. We NEVER simply breed a dog just to breed. There are far to many people out in the world today doing just that. Breeding soley for money. We generally refer to them as 'Greeders". No DNA testing, no guarantees, no health testing...They don't put anything back into their program and are happy to take your money and run. Give them a dime and get your questionable purebred and you never hear from them again - Get what you pay for. Simple as that. Although we are certainly not as pricey as many of the Breeders out there, we don't sell cheap dogs. We have put a ton of time, money, and education into our breeding program and we are very proud of it.