Quality Critters for Pleasure & Show

     I have loved horses all my life! All types and all sizes, it just didn't matter. (My parents actually thought I may be color blind when I was a little girl because every time they asked me what my favorite color was, I said 'black'. Actually, it was because horses came in that color. HaHa- true story.) However, in the last 15 years or so, I have been absolutely mesmerized by the Friesian breed.  Everything about them just 'wows' me! I find their color, movement, and their entire presence just breathtaking and I can't say enough about how truly moved I am by this breed. (I guess in hindsight, seeing my predisposition to black horses at a young age I really can't be surprised by my Friesian addiction now. Haha)

                                   I have also developed a love for color and spots over the years. Paints, Pintos, Duns, etc. The more flashy or unusual the better. Now, put those two together and WOW!

       Striving for conformation, temperament, personality, and movement, I try to choose crosses that will show off these traits and produce beautiful colors.Please watch our website for some magnificent horses available down the line!

       Keep an eye on us - There's good things to come!!