Quality Critters for Pleasure & Show

                BASIC PIGGY PRICING  

We are currently revamping and updating this page. Prices subject to change

*These prices are just general guidelines. We will set the piglets price approximately 2 weeks after the litter is born.  The base price is for solid colors only (black, grey, or pink/ white) From there you can decide to add for a fancy color or blue eyes.  We breed our babies for color, conformation, and temperament. These prices are for pets only and DO NOT include breeding rights. Our prices, unless otherwise stated, include: neuter or spay,microchip, worming, knowledge and training of litterbox and a pet door, a Birth Certificate, a height guarantee, a health guarantee and a lifetime of piggy support and help. Once you buy a piggy from us, it doesn't end there. We will always be here to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have about your new baby.

  DESCRIPTION            HEIGHT         PRICE

Standard Miniature Pig  -over 20" under  - N/A                                           (100+ lbs.)                                       

Teacup                    - around 18" -20" - N/A                                        (80-100lbs.)


Toy Miniature            - 16"-18" Tall    - N/A                                  (50-100 lbs)

Miniature Teacup        - 14"-16" Tall    - $TBA                               (35-60 lbs.)      

Micro Mini                -12"-14" Tall     - $TBA                                      (25-45 lbs.)    

Nano Micro Mini or      -10" - 12" Tall   - $TBA    Super Micro Mini          (15-35 lbs.)     

   ( *Listed weights are approximate and based on the average weight for a pig of this height. Weights can not be guaranteed as they will fluctuate. Weight to height chart available on our 'Piggy Facts' page and can be found online. Height in inches is based on an altered pig of ideal, healthy weight. An overweight or fat pig can easily pack on a few inches of fat along his topline and appear larger than he actually should be. It is not healthy or cute for a pig to be overweight and fat. They should not have fat jowls, fat rolls, a belly that drags near the ground, or difficulty moving around. Nor should you see protruding hip bones, ribs, or protruding tail bone. You want your piggy right in the middle.)

Fancy ( Spots,Orange or Peach  -Additional $100-$300    base coat, Stripes, Unusual                                   markings etc.) 

Blue Eyes                         -Additional $100-$200

BREEDERS - I RARELY sell my piggies with breeding rights and then almost never sell them with rights within the state of California. Occasionally I come across a special baby that deserves to be sold as a breeder and they are priced accordingly. If you are looking to buy a cheap breeder, then please look elsewhere. My breeders are excellent pigs with exceptional color and personalities and are generally priced on average $800 - $2000 more than their 'pet' price. Pigs that MAY be offered with breeding rights will be marked. You must contact me BEFORE placing a deposit if you are interested in purchasing this pig for breeding. We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any pig with breeding rights to any body, for any reason. All piglets sold with breeding rights MUST BE PAID IN FULL by 5 weeks of age!                                                            

SHIPPING - Usually around $350.00 - $500.00.  Price depends on age, weight, destination of piglet, and any State requirements. Shipping price includes health certificate, any State required tests, transport, airfare out of San Jose to most MAJOR INTERNATIONAL airports in the contiguous U.S. and Alaska (do not expect the baby to be flown into any small 'express' airport.), large airline approved pet carrier, and a piggy security blanket. Shipping out of San Francisco may be extra. I WILL CHOSE THE DEPARTURE AND ARRIVAL AIRPORTS AS WELL AS THE ITINERARY THAT IS BEST FOR THE PIGLET- you will need to be flexible. We DO NOT make any profit from shipping and these costs do not even cover our gas or time to and from the airport. ( It's a 4+ hour round trip to San Jose Airport and we usually need to be there by 5:45 AM!)  The basic breakdown is as follows: Airfare is generally $275.00, Pet carrier $50.00, Vet check and health certificate $60.00-$80.00, any State required blood tests $100.00+.  We do our best to keep the cost as low as possible!

* The terms Mini, Micro, Teacup etc. are just general terms and guidelines used by breeders and ARE NOT breeds of pigs. Aside from a very few breeders breeding true tiny purebred Potbelly pigs, the ONLY other true breed of domesticated naturally small pig are the Juliana, Kune Kune, and in some cases, the African Pygmy Pig. Most Miniature pigs are the result of crossing these small breeds for generations to get the true little piggies that you see today. Our pigs have been bred for their small stature for generations and lean more towards the Juliana. They have longer legs and snouts than the Potbelly pig and are generally capable of jumping up on a couch or into a car without the need for special ramps.