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      These are our boys!!! We are very proud of our frenchy studs. They have some of the best conformation around! We don't have to lie or exaggerate about our boys' size or progeny. Our boys and the babies they produce will speak for themselves!! Go ahead and ask some of the other 'breeders' to prove their boy's size, weight, and stature... just see the results. We happily POST pictures of our stud's weight and height to PROOVE our boys are what we claim them to be! No guesswork... no rumors... just fact!

TULLET (Chocolate Quad Carrier)

   *(Dd bb ay/at KY/KY Em/E sp/sp)         Chocolate fawn pied.Carrier of blue, tan points/ tricolor, and maskless. Homozygous Pied.No Brindle

  *10.5" Tall and 22.5 Pounds at 3 years old

  * 5 Panel Disease Tested Neg./Clear!!

Pictures just don't do this lil guy justice! He is such a perfect small compact French Bulldog. He encompasses everything I enjoy about this breed. He is mellow, quirky, loves to cuddle, he is bold, friendly, and isn't above chattering at you as only French Bulldogs can. 

Even as a puppy he had 'IT'! Just look at that perfect stance.... Wasn't he ridiculously adorable???

Below are just a few examples of the amazing puppies he produces. He stamps all of his offspring with his strong and stocky conformation and excellent roping.



*** Tullet is ONLY available to approved females for $800.00.  We offer a 2 puppy minimum live birth guarantee or we will repeat the breeding to the same female (terms and conditions apply). Although he can breed naturally, he is only available to outside dogs via Artificial Insemination and shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. A non-refundable Booking fee of $500.00 is required to hold your female's spot and it goes towards the total stud fee price of $800.00. He has excellent sperm quality and there are NO HIDDEN FEES!!!!




         * (dd bb at/a Em/Em)                               Lilac and Tan. NO pied. NO Brindle.

        *10.5" Tall and 24 pounds at 1.5 years old.

       * 5 Panel Disease Tested Neg./ Clear                     Carries DM.

       * Starbuxx and Bolt lines

     Sherman is such a pretty boy! Also a small guy at just 10.5" tall,  he's a beautiful Lilac and tan color! This means he is homozygous for both the chocolate/brown gene AND the dilute (blue) gene. He carries both 'at' (tricolor) gene and 'a' (recessive black) genes to create his tan points. He is such a goofy boy. Never in much of a hurry....

 Just look at that face. He's sooooo cute! and such a love bug. Just like Tullet, he loves every human or canine he meets. Very laid back and mellow.... this boy helps bring calmness to his babies. His ear was injured as a puppy so it folds back a little bit at the top. 

Below are just some of the beautiful puppies Sherman has produced for us....

              (all lilacs & chocolates and some with tan points)

                  (beautiful recessive black blue boy)

          (REO Produced Baby, Sushi X Sherman, REO Produced Baby)

                        (chocolate & Tan boy)

   He and Tullet are very similar in height although Tullet looks a bit bigger in this picture. Both boys are excellent examples of the breed.