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     *** If you are looking for a pet that you can love and snuggle, then please check out your local Shelter and Pounds. There are literally thousands of cute critters needing homes and PETFINDER is a great way to find them! (click the 'PetFinder' link to start looking.) If, however, you are seeking some of the best genetic and show lines available, or looking for a very specific cross, then please check out our 'available' pages.



                     (Hunter at Carmel Vally River, Ca)

*Newsworthy Note.... In 2022 we said buh-bye to California and WE HAVE FINALLY MADE THE MOVE TO WASHINGTON STATE!!! We are now blessed to live on 45 acres in beautiful Stevens County near Spokane. It is so pretty up here....

                     (My property in Washington)

      Since I could walk, I have had a love for all types of furry critters. I used to bring home every stray dog and cat I could find, always hoping that somehow they would end up becoming mine. At around 12 years old, after bugging my parents for, well, probably 10 years, I was fortunate enough to begin riding horses. That's where a love affair began and I have been involved with horses in one form or another ever since. Then, many years later, I fell in love with my first pig. (haha-soooo many jokes to insert here! But this was actually a gorgeous Juliana sow.) And there you have the very abridged version of how we came to be.  Although we are no longer breeding Miniature Pigs or horses, I am very proud to offer show and pet quality Dogs - all healthy, all quality, and all loved.

        A little tid-bit on our name, the name REO actually stands for my fathers initials - Richard E. O'Connell. I am a true daddy's girl in every way, so of course, I can tell you in all honesty that my dad was a great man! He taught me how to camp, how to fish, and never missed a high school Field Hockey game. He was an educator through out Central California and worked as Principal for both Carmel River and Wood schools located on the Monterey Peninsula. He passed away July 18, 2001, only 2 months after my beautiful daughter Morgan was born. He is missed every day. My mom, Verna, still lives here on the coast and is an amazing artist.  I'm sure if you look closely, you will see her signature on some of the best water color paintings around. She is the biggest supporter of my crazy life and I couldn't do any of this without her! Love you mom!

                         (Sunset on Loon Lake, Wa)