Quality Critters for Pleasure & Show

 They spend time in our house, under foot, and outside working the ranch. We take them hiking and out and about whenever we can. They are an integral parts of our lives.We do not breed for color requirements and restrictions imposed by many registries but focus on conformation, health, and personality. I can't tell you how many 'show dogs' I have met that, while beautiful, were the worst animals to be around. High strung, loud, nervous, and anti social are just a few of the big issues that many breeders seem to overlook. We think it is far more important to have friendly social well behaved dogs in our lives that we actually enjoy being around. :-)

( Please bear with us as our doggie pages are still under construction. Feel free to contact us directly for information on our available dogs. )


    Hughes Toys Stella

  This is our beautiful Blue Eyed Tri female from the highly sought after Ghost Eye lines! Standing at only 15.5" tall she is a mighty girl in a petite package. Very loyal and ranch smart- she stays right by my side and play 'works' the horses. All around excellent family and ranch dog. Follows my lead as to who is and isn't OK to be allowed on the ranch. PRA and MDR1 clear / negative. She carries red so can give us all the colors of the Australian Shepherd breed.     

International Champion MAC Domich's Willow

    This is our beautiful black tri female. She has a nice full coat like our male, Hunter. She does not carry red so will give us black tri and blue merle puppies. She stands at a mere 16" tall and has all the working instincts of her breed. Super energetic with a GO, GO, GO attitude. She is PRA and MDR1 negative.



    Hughes Toys Hunter

  This incredibly handsome boy just screams everything Australian Shepherd. He does it all with an endless supply of eagerness and energy. He has a beautiful coat and red merle color. He has one blue eye and one marbled eye. His lines are known for an unusual medical alert instinct (for epilepsy, head injuries, and other medical needs) and many are in training and used as service dogs. Many of his puppies seem to have an innate calmness and ability to sense emotions within their owners. He stands at a mere 14.5" tall. He is PRA and MDR1 clear/ negative. He has a naturally docked tail so about half of his puppies will also have a naturally short tail.